Hi, I’m Aubrey..

Registered nurse, yoga and meditation teacher, and certified nutrigenomics practitioner, I specialise in truly personalised health and wellbeing.

I empower people like you to move away from fad diets and one-size-fits-all interventions to a personalised approach to your health and wellbeing specifically tailored to your genes.


As a registered health practitioner..

I use genetic testing to provide you with diet, exercise and lifestyle information that supports your unique set of genes and enables you to thrive. 

I am here to help you..

  • learn what diet, exercise and supplements are best for you based on your genes

  • understand the impact your environment, lifestyle and health are having on your genes 

  • empower your lifestyle choices by tracking their impact on your genetic expression

The journey to personalised health

A path inspired by prevention rather than treatment.

I had always been interested in the mind, the body, and the connection to health between the two. I found it fascinating that the body intuitively knew how to heal our skin when we cut ourselves, to digest and use the nutrients in our food when we ate a meal, and to caution us to situations when we had “butterflies” in our tummies. The mind and body were a constant source of both wonderment and curiosity for me. I wanted to learn how it all worked so I completed a bachelor’s degree in nursing.

After years of study, work in hospitals and general practices, I found myself discontented with the limited scope in which our current health system operates. I felt as if we were focusing only on managing people’s symptoms rather than trying to identify the root cause, or better yet, encouraging and promoting prevention. 

I wanted more for people than quick fixes, life-long medication regimes and limited investigations so I made it my mission to educate myself in areas that would enable me to provide people with holistic, whole-body approaches to health.

As a yoga and meditation teacher..

I completed a 200-hour intensive yoga teacher training. I can help you with the mind-body connection, powerful breath work practices, and the art of meditation.

As a nutrigenomics practitioner..

I completed an accredited practitioner training in the emerging field of nutrigenomics: a cutting-edge science that provides a detailed explanation of the interplay between genes, nutrition, and health.

I can help you understand why one-size-fits-all approaches to diet and wellbeing don’t work and why understanding your genetic strengths and weaknesses is the best way to truly influence your health.

A whole body approach to wellness..

I’ve spent 6 years perfecting my craft, so I can apply nursing knowledge, yogic wisdom, and cutting-edge technology to provide highly personalised information that not only prevents illness and disease but optimises health and wellbeing.


  • Bachelor of Nursing – Registered Nurse | Massey University 

  • Certified Fitgenes Practitioner – Nutrigenomics and Nutrigenetics | Fitgenes

  • 200hrs Registered Yoga Teacher  – Hatha, Vinyasa, Anatomy, Meditation  | Ashram Yoga 

Among my international certifications I have also been involved in a wide variety of education – Bioceuticals DNA Testing in Practice, Nutrition Genome Introduction to Clinical Nutrigenomics, Trauma Informed Care, Cardiovascular Risk Assessment, Women’s Health & Fertility, Sensory Modulation and more. 

I also value my ongoing work with doctors, naturopaths, psychologists, coaches and mentors in the areas of genetics, health and wellbeing.